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In addition to the development of a retail centre, Trei Real Estate has managed the development of over 1.5 million square metres of residential and commercial space in Poland. Lodz is one of the most dynamic and dynamic cities in Europe and has established itself as a global centre for tourism, business, entertainment, tourism and tourism development. The first of its kind in the world, the first and only residential / commercial building of this size in Europe, has opened its doors in Warsaw.

In Poland, Avestus Real Estate has been recognized as one of the five leading real estate companies in the world for the development of high-quality residential and commercial buildings.

Avestus Real Estate is actively involved in all aspects of the development process, including structural, strategy and financing design, as well as the management of a portfolio of different real estate assets. We have also recognized the great potential of this city and are actively involved in all aspects of the development process, including the design of structures, strategies, financing and management of the portfolios of our various real estate assets. A well-connected city is a guarantee of development, provided it will be an attractive investment area in which to build office buildings, factories, apartments, and settlements.

The Tranio.com report highlights the potential of the retail centre, which Trei operates as an estate. The expansion of our portfolio of Polish retail centres is progressing rapidly, "says Zbigniew Kowalczyk, CEO of Avestus Real Estate, one of Poland's largest real estate companies.

The Social Space Construction Authority has carried out a construction project to investigate the development of a new retail centre in Krakow, Poland's second largest city. Phase II of the asset is rented out to Arvato Polska ArVato, which was built in cooperation with the local government and the private sector as well as private investors. It is a multi-storey, mixed-use development with retail, office and office space and a hotel.

The Central Poland Region attracted great interest from tenants in 2018, with a result of 690 thousand, and the turnover level for 2019 will be up to 1.5 million, compared to 1 million in 2017. Trei has invested in the development of a property with a total area of 2.1 million square meters of office space in Warsaw.

Cracow and Wroclaw have a total office space of 2.5 million square meters, with sales of 1.1 million and 1 million thousand, respectively. The market for office and retail facilities in the Central Poland region is cheaper than other regions, as prices are low compared to office or retail facilities.

Poland's residential real estate market is characterized by relative stability; it has not experienced a price collapse like Greece and Spain. As a result, housing in Poland attracts a large number of investors, especially those who want to benefit from price increases. Poland offers a good opportunity for income and capital gains, with low cost of living, low interest rates and high quality of housing.

It can also be considered a provision of the building law, the aim of which is to shorten formal procedures and to ensure greater stability in the building permits obtained.

This economic development coincides with the increase in the private sector's purchasing power, which bodes well for the real estate market. As a result, there is even more potential for market growth, and improved transport infrastructure and strong demand for housing will continue to drive the inventory property market, which has already reached record levels - and is breaking volumes this year. These developments are likely to be the result of a combination of new and renovated tenement buildings and an increasing share of private ownership of apartments. There is no doubt that this is a positive development for both private and public housing in Poland.

However, one of the things that attracts new investors to the city is the attractive investment opportunities in the region. Investors are still waiting for the refinancing, which will become an additional investment opportunity as the housing market develops, EY said. At least a few new brands have appeared in the Polish market in the past year, and we may be about to launch the next one, "says Wojciech Kowalczyk, Head of Research at LODZ Polish Real Estate.

The Polish landscape is nevertheless beautiful, and you will be immediately enchanted by the natural beauty of the landscape and the beautiful landscape of Lodz Stare Miasto and Radogoszcz. Compared to other cities in the region, such as Krakow and Warsaw, it has retained its charm and charm. If you rent an apartment in RadOGOSZcz, you will be removed from city life if you are looking for it.

Vschod is located just outside the city centre and has been the richest part of Lodz for some time. Overall, the majority of the housing stock (42%) still belongs to housing cooperatives in 26 cities, which built the majority of Polish urban housing between the 1960s and 1990s. The value of transactions in this segment represents more than half of all residential property sales in Radogoszcz in 2015 and exceeds all contracts in the retail and warehousing sectors. This is a large number of single-family houses and small housing developments that have been developed since 1990.

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More About Lodz